Welcome to Blues Dance Denver!

Welcome to Blues Dance Denver, the latest edition to Denver’s blues scene!

The focus of Blues Dance Denver is to continue building a community of dancers and musicians in Metro Denver who wish to come together in a spirit of mutual support and admiration to continue and build upon the tradition of The Blues.  In addition to hosting dance lessons and dance events of our own, we will also keep you notified of the bands and venues that are playing danceable blues music in the Dever/Boulder area.

Clearly this site is still under construction, but that isn’t stopping us from dancing! ¬†Please take a moment to click on one of the links below and like us on Facebook (facebook.com/BluesDanceDenver) and/or follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/BluesDanceDenvr) to stay informed of the opportunities to dance to live blues music in Metro Denver.

We look forward to seeing you soon on the dance floor!